The lifejacket has a 275 Newton symmetrical buoyancy chamber and can be configured with different types of buckles, covers, lights and inflation units etc., to fit customer specification. All components – carefully selected to optimize performance and durability – comes with a proven performance record i.e. Cordura fabrics, ITW Nexus buckle system, Halkey Roberts and Hammar release units.

The design of the lifejacket emphasizes both fit and performance.

The standard features include whistle, reflective tape, lifting strap, buddy line and a crotch strap for added safety. Furthermore the lifejacket is equipped with a special cleat system combining the buoyancy chamber and the cover without any external straps, which creates a safer recovery in an emergency situation.

The cover fabrics are all high quality which ensures durability and a longer lifespan, even for extended wear.

The lifejacket is produced and certified according to the updated MSC.200 regulation and according to ISO9001:2008.

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