26 sierpnia, 2020

GWO BST already in Gdańsk! Feel welcome.

11.02.2020 we have performed an internal audit with CRESTO GROUP, which allowed us to deliver GWO BST courses as an onsite training facility with a partnership with CRESTO. We are certified CRESTO trainers and with experienced gained with them as well with the equipment from 14.02.2020 we will be delivering courses.

Elements that need working at heights equipment are delivered from Sweden, training and rescue maneouvers will be commenced with CRESTO ResQ REDPRO devices.

Daily plan of the courses looks that way:

– Monday – SS/SSR
– Tuesday – FAW/FAWR, MH/MHR
– Wednesday – FA
– Thursday – FA/FAR
– Friday – WAH/WAHR
– Saturday – WAH

Soon Enhanced First Aid and Advanced Rescue!

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