26 sierpnia, 2020

GO ROPES is becoming an IRATA member

IRATA Audit with a positive result!

Assessors visit from IRATA organisation was made on 03.03.2020. Audit was done without any problems, it was a great feedback and tips for the newly made training facility, it was a great help from IRATA side.

We have received a trainers LOGO and number – 6041/T, from 03.03.2020 we are the organisation member and we can deliver trainings. EYOLF equipment is dominating on the courses, we have a lot of fresh equipment from the market, PETZL Maestro, CMC Harken Clutch, winches and heated training hall, which will make your courses at winter time even better.

Feel invited and remember that we can deliver OTDL and SPRAT courses as well!

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